Garage Conversions

With rising house prices and the continuing squeeze on earnings, families and home owners in need of additional space are finding home improvement a more realistic option than moving house.

Recent surveys have put the average cost of moving home at around £12,000 – converting a garage can be a more affordable solution in many cases as the structure is already there; the space just needs to be improved to make it a more usable part of the home.

The Benefits

Converting your garage into a new usable space that is part of your home can provide a great many benefits, such as:

  • Additional room: perhaps as an extra bedroom, study, office or an extension to an existing kitchen, converting a garage can prove to be a truly cost effective option when looking for more living space,
  • Improved property value: very few residential garages have ever seen a car, and as such, that garage space remains unused for much of the time, and often provides no real benefit or value; converting your home from a 3 bed to a 4 bed could instantly add significant value to your property before you sell. If you are using savings to carry out the work to your home, you might also consider the potential increase in property value against the interest otherwise earned on savings, and the potential for increased return,
  • De-cluttering: most of the time, garages become the storage facility for all those items you weren’t sure what to do with and really should have thrown away; convert your garage today and say goodbye to that unnecessary clutter,

Omnifera Ltd Can Help!

As your preferred builder, we can provide a complete garage conversion solution from start to finish:

  • Removing the old garage doors, bricking-up the space and fitting with new windows (subject to planning consents),
  • Taking down internal walls, fitting new steel joists and raising old floor levels, to create beautiful new internal spaces,
  • Insulating & ventilating to meet current Building Control requirements,
  • Plumbing, heating and electrical works to create a practical, usable space that really forms part of the existing home,
  • Boarding, plastering and redecorating.

Where structural drawings or calculations are required, we can also put you in touch with the right people to get the information you need, without the stress of finding someone to do the job.

The Cost Effective Alternative – Conversions from just £8,000 inc VAT…

You may find that to move to a larger house with just 1 extra room requires a significant investment, perhaps tens of thousands of pounds. Depending on your garage conversion, you might add up to 20% to the value of your home; with the average price of a house in the UK now at over £220,000 (as of June 2017) that could add over £40,000 to the value of your property.

The total cost of a garage conversion will vary according to the amount of work required to transform the existing garage space into the required type of room, and the level of finished desired; factors that affect the overall price might include:

  • Size of garage/converted room,
  • Number of windows and doors to be fitted,
  • Any changes to internal walls, or door positions,
  • Type of room to be created (a playroom, for example, will require significantly less work than creating a new bedroom with ensuite bathroom).

Let’s get started…

If a garage conversion sounds like the right option for you, we would recommend confirming your legal position first (check any special terms in your lease/freehold and take legal advice from a solicitor) and speaking to your local planning department (most conversions won’t require any structural changes internally and can be carried out under Permitted Development rights – no planning approval required) …then contact Built Up Property and get started!

To discuss your requirements and arrange a visit to provide you with a free quote to carry out the works Click here and contact us today!